Fostering Fortnight

Its Foster Care Fortnight  9-22nd May 2022 

Let me offer you some insight into my other professional life as a professional Advisor for Fostering.

 @FosteringNetwork’s annual campaign  raises awareness of the transformational power of foster care for children-young people professionals and for families who cannot live with their birth families,Fostering Fortnight offers us a way to celebrates the success we have in the fostering community. It runs from 9-22 May 2022. 

There are many Children who need to be fostered or adopted 

It can be hard to find suitable foster carers who are motivated to help support children who have encountered childhood trauma- loss- neglect now termed ACE – these children often  need re- parenting in therapeutic home  in which to thrive –  a place to call home in which they can begin to  build there self esteem – to re-build their identify and learn about what they enjoy in life. A place to create  thriving relationships and be supported in their educational aspirations and health outcomes.  These children need homes in which they grow in to secure adults and can make lasting relationships.   They need People who are available and have time to support them to live in a stable families and feel safe, nurtured and a place in which they can heal their past hurts. 

The different Types of fostering – if any of you were fostered or adopted -feel free to share something abut your journey 

#fostering #adoption #family #karmafamilies 


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