Our work with families is helping and supporting ways to create a loving home. Parenting is not always straight forward and being a parent requires a lot of reflective parenting so that we can learn, grown and repair. In my work with families.

I have used many models, such as the positive parenting model has been used for many years. The strengthening families model during my work in safeguarding. And with the need to look at giving families ownership of an agreed outcome a evidenced based approach which uses the resilience of family members and their capacity to change behaviours and build resilience in their homes.

In my work I offer a supportive exploration for families who need guidance
Thinking about each child and how they may need to parented thus responding to their needs
Use of effective and communication that is age appropriate
Offering emotional warmth and working with your child’s emotional expression to listen
Using positive incentives and rewarding them with time as well as love to help them learn modelling
Encouraging positive time thus creating more happy moments
Offering consistency and clearer boundaries
Being consistent parents/carers or adults for children so they grow good habits from you
Following through on consequences for difficult or challenging behaviour
Providing careful and considered supervision which is offered real time as the involved adults in the child life
Being a positive role model and trusted adult in the life of the child
Making positive family experiences a priority and having fun

Ultimately these strategies are based on the premise that a positive attachment is needed.

The 4 7 8 technique is also a useful strategy to have when children or parents need help to use space and reflection

I would recommend Dan Hughes book : Attachment-Focused Parenting: Effective Strategies to Care for Children. by
Daniel Hughes – a worthy read if you need to reflect a little.

The chapters in Attachment-Focused Parenting is divided into 10 chapters:
1) What is Attachment and How Does Parenting Affect It?,
2) Establish Safety,
3) Understand Intersubjectivity,
4) Recognize Your Own Attachment History,
5) Establish PACE,
6) Communicate,
7) Relate Emotionally,
8) Reflect,
9) Repair,
10) Reducing Attachment Resistance.

REPAIR is what good parenting should always be about in my view and children who have a secure home will have this. Those who do not may struggle and this is a lot of my work as we RELATE better, RECOGNISE, REPAIR and REDUCE Challenges together

Our mission

Be a KARMA FAMILY : “Connect better with family, friends and anyone in your world 

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