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About Us

Karma Families offers Practical Solution Focussed Guidance for everyday issues.

Karma Families promotes mindful parenting solutions

Karma Families uses a range of alternative and complementary therapies to support you at your time of need.

Karma Families advocates mindful & ‘love-based’ therapeutic parenting which supports alternative ways to create a Karma home.

Karma Families offers support for ‘blocked’ parenting and family stress many parents encounter

Karma Families help get unblocked from the past; look at the future by taking care of the ‘present’.

Create new Family Resolutions to enable families grow a Karma Home.

Our mission

Be a KARMA FAMILY : “helps you Connect to the people in your world so they see, hear and know you better ”

Learn to trust Complementary therapies for yourself and those you hold dear in your life ..

Karma Families – Mission & Value statement

We are the qualified experts in our field.

Our Values :

We Support to Keep communication lines open

We use Complementary and Alternative Therapies to promote a Karma Home

We offer Creative Help that supports families to become unblocked

We use Mindful and compassionate listening and enablement

We believe everyone can heal and grow a Karma Home

We offer fresh eyes to look again at how you could handle things better

We help restore harmony using preventative steps to build trust

We listen without judgement and remain present to hear your need

Our Services

A ‘love-based’ parenting

coaching approach focused to create a Karma home.

Complementary and Holistic Therapies for further support to families to use at home

Homeopathy is also great alternative to help support children and parents during their time of need

Holding on to the positives you have and helping you see these with fresh eyes

Talk to us about how we can help you be your best.

Karma Families promotes openness and talking through the challenges or behaviours that families can often struggle with.

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